Q:   What is a land surveyor?
A:   A professional land surveyor is a person who has qualified by education and experience, and who has passed an examination for registration required bytheir state. Mid Lakes is registered with the State of Illinois to practice land surveying in Illinois.

Q:   When might I need a survey?
A:   You might need a surveyor if:

Q:   How much will a survey cost?
A:   Fees are dependent upon the size of the tract and other factors, including the terrain and vegetation, accessibility, and if reliable survey monuments exist in the area. Therefore, the surveyor will estimate the approximate cost of the survey for you prior to commencing the work. However, do not depend on the lowestpriced survey to be the best survey. Always obtain the services of a reputable surveyor.

Q:   What can a Mid Lakes do for me?
A:   As professional surveyors we can:

Q:   What does Mid Lakes need from me?
A:   The more information you can furnish for us, the moreyou may expedite the work. Such information includes:

Q:   What should I receive from my surveyor?
A:   You should receive:

Q:   What if I have a complaint about another surveyor's work?
A:   Your best options are: